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Aworker is a next-generation recruitment platform powered by Blockchain.
Aworker reinvents Human Resources processes via referrals and smart contracts.


Benefits for companies

Reducing cost per hire

Use P2P hiring and smart contracts to reduce cost per hire. Blockchain allows a company to scale the most effective way of recruiting - by referrals. You can find headhunters from all over the world to find the best employees for you.

Reduce time of assessment

Get an access to the database of candidates with proven skills and choose the best one. Decentralized verification will help company to get objective assessment.

Hire best employees

Find better employees with proven information and speed up the hiring process. Find A-Workers, create your A-Team.


Benefits for people

Find a dream job

It is a new and straightforward way to find the job of your dream

Additional rewards

We created bonuses to increase to increase your rewards and monetize your experience. In Aworker, you can receive tokens for proven skills and control your personal information.

Share tokens with your friends

Find a job for your friends and earn tokens. You can become an A-Worker and recommend friends to open positions. With the help of smart contracts, you will receive a reward for your recommendations.

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Front-end Developer

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Senior Solidity Developer

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